10 tips for keeping your houseplants

Indoor plants come from tropical countries where the temperature remains constant, humidity is high and water is not a problem. These conditions are the ones we have to keep at home easily, since our homes have some of the conditions that need this type of plants, such as temperature or humidity.

However, the most complicated thing is to reproduce in our house the light conditions of the plants in nature. They usually live in the shade of other larger plants, but with enough sunlight to survive, so they usually adapt well to the lack of light, but not to the darkness or very dim light of our homes.

10 tips for keeping your houseplants

  • Look for a well-lit room, avoid cold drafts. The best option is always to locate the plant near a window. Keep in mind that a plant located 2 meters from the window receives 4 times less light than one right next to the window.
  • Plants with large leaves, such as the Adam’s Rib (Monstera deliciosa), are better able to withstand the lack of light than plants with small leaves, even though it may seem otherwise.
  • Spray your plants’ leaves every morning. Tropical plants need very humid environments that are difficult to maintain at home, so they need to be sprayed with water to keep them from yellowing or drying out their leaf tips.
  • Place a plate under the pot with a small layer of gravel to keep the environment moist, this way. That way they won’t need so much water, which is one of the most common problems for houseplants.
  • Water only when the plant needs it, that is, when the substrate is dry. To do this, all you have to do is touch the soil: if it sticks to your finger, it is damp, otherwise it will need water.
  • For watering it is better to water from the bottom up, that is to say, by placing a plate under the pot and pouring the water into it so that the rest of the substrate is soaked by its porosity.
  • There should never be any water in contact with the roots of the plant. After each watering, check that there is no excess water in the plates, as this can cause root rot due to radical asphyxiation.
  • Be careful with the temperature: indoor plants need a controlled temperature close to 20ºC, so avoid placing the plants near heat sources or air conditioning.
  • If the plant has grown too much, prune it. This way you will control its size.
  • If the plant is sick, try putting it in the bathroom. This is the wettest place in the whole house, and it works like a hospital for the plants.

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