5 secrets about succulents that will surprise you

One of the main characteristics of succulent plants is their resistance and easy care. Although they have many other properties, some of which you may find surprising.

Succulent plants, also known as crasses, are those capable of storing enough water to make them resistant to the most adverse climatic situations.

There is a wide variety of species of succulents that have been classified into different families. Some of the best known are aloe vera, cactus, alabaster rose or jade tree.

They all have in common their great resistance and their simple care. Although they also have a series of qualities which give them that special character.

Secrets and curiosities about succulents

1. The succulents capture carbon dioxide at night through their open pores, which close in the morning so as not to lose any of the moisture. Thus, they resist better the high daytime temperatures and take advantage of the nutrients. By not opening their pores or burlaps during the day, their leaves don’t wither.

2. The thorns of the cactus are actually leaves that have adapted to survive. The crasses have been fattening them to retain as much water as possible.

3. Although this type of plant is associated with desert places, the truth is that there are some species that can also live in colder places, as they can resist temperatures of more than 5º below zero.

4. They can reproduce through a leaf. You only have to cut off a piece of the flower, even if it has no roots, and place it on top of the ground. You don’t even have to bury it. After a few weeks, you will see that it has held on to the soil and you can then repot it into a new pot.

5.The colour associated with these plants is green, although there are species that surprise us with their chromatic variety. Those belonging to the genus Pereskia can be confused with wild roses. There are also some cacti that have hallucinogenic effects, such as Laphophora williamsii or Echinopsis pachonoi.

There is a whole wonderful world to discover around the succulents, with some of the most amazing species. In California, there is even a cactus that is capable of moving. As it grows it moves in one direction, while the tissue it leaves behind slowly dies.

Succulents are undemanding plants, but that doesn’t mean you have to give them the least amount of care and attention.

Although they are capable of storing a lot of water inside them, which means that they do not need to be watered regularly, it is a mistake to think that they do not need you to give them a drink from time to time. The water that they accumulate in their leaves or stems has to come from somewhere and if no one provides it, it can end up drying up.

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