Nice squirrels in my garden

Squirrels are one of the nicest animals because of their funny look and graceful movement, a forest animal that will not hesitate to walk in our garden if there are pines in our garden or any tree or bush with fruits that they like, either nuts, hazelnuts or red fruits.

Its body measures between 20 and 30 cm and its tail, which is large and hairy, can reach the length of your body. The common squirrel is reddish in colour and when winter arrives, it has funny tufts of hair on the tips of its ears. Another of the squirrels that can currently be found in northern Spain or central Europe is the grey squirrel, from the United States. This is a larger, grey species that was introduced a few years ago and is currently displacing the common squirrel.

They normally live in coniferous forests, although it is also possible to see them in deciduous forests. Their activity is focused during the day, looking for fruits, seeds, bark and even insects, which they consume and store in various pantries hidden in the forest for the winter.

There is no difference between males and females, both sexes show very similar aspects and are not recognized by the naked eye. Females give birth to 3-4 young after 38 days of gestation, which are weaned at 8-10 weeks of age. The life expectancy of these small animals is three years on average, although in captivity they can reach 7, and 10 years. Their survival is dictated by the availability of seeds during autumn-winter, with 75-85% of the young perishing during their first winter.

So during the winter, to help these nice animals and you like to see them running around your garden, put a bird feeder or special squirrel feeder and throw nuts and seeds from time to time, you will attract lots of birds and squirrels, helping them to get through the harsh winter.

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