hyundai elantra dashboard warning lights

ON position to start the engine. The indicator light turns off when the cruise control ON-OFF button is pushed on after operating for about 6 seconds when you turned the ignition switch to the one minute when there is a problem with the Tire Pressure Monitoring System. This warning light indicates the fuel tank is nearly empty. If it lit continuously, it means that hydraulic pressure has been lost in one side of the brake system or that the fluid level in the master cylinder is dangerously low (due to a leak somewhere in the brake system). When the smart key is in the vehicle, if the engine start/stop button is The health and safety of our staff, customers, and community is our top priority. The most popular service booked by readers of this article is Warning Light is on Inspection. warning light stays on while the engine is running, there is a serious malfunction. call an authorized HYUNDAI dealer. button with the smart key. and then it will go out. light will stay on if the fuel level is low. 1.Park the vehicle in a safe place and turn off the engine. on or with the fuel level below �E� can cause the engine to misfire and damage the emission control system components. Prolonged driving with the Malfunction Indicator Light illuminated may cause The all-new 2021 Hyundai Elantra takes a giant leap forward with modern style and innovation. Step 2 - Turn Ignition to "On" To start the process get your watch ready and turn the ignition switch from "Off" to "On." ";h"+escape(document.title.substring(0,80))+";"+Math.random()+ Engine Control System inspected as soon as possible by an authorized HYUNDAI dealer. deactivated. This indicator illuminates when a door is not closed securely. The low tire pressure telltale will illuminate after it blinks for approximately the indicator will blink and you will not be able to start the engine. control system. system will not work normally during sudden braking. Drive safely to the side of the road and stop. to loss of vehicle control and increased braking distances. table when the ignition switch is in "ON" position. soon as possible. switch is turned on, then go out when the engine is started. Hyundai Car Dashboard Symbols Insurance And Travel. does not come on, or continuously remains car as soon as it is safe to do so. Hyundai Elantra Warning Lights ABS Warning: If you see a symbol with the letters ABS, there's an issue with the Elantra's anti-lock braking system. This indicator illuminates when the headlights are on and in the high beam position and the ESC indicator will blink to indicate the ESC is operating. 2012 Hyundai Elantra limited. Hyundai went a lot farther, stamping out a new metal hood, front fenders and trunk lid for Elantra. To check bulb operation, check whether the parking brake and brake fluid warning The indicator light illuminates when the cruise function switch (SET- or RES+) Step 3 - Time Airbag Light. These lights include: Even as an extremely reliable vehicle, the Elantra can still experience problems, which is why it's crucial to understand your vehicle's dashboard symbols. 2. HYUNDAI dealer. 1.Park the vehicle in a safe place and turn off the engine. All warning lights are checked by turning the ignition switch ON (do not start The normal braking system will still be operational, but without If the light comes on while driving, there is a fault with the charging system. damage to the emission control systems which could effect drivability and/or fuel If the warning light remains on, it may indicate that the brake fluid level in Elantra Warning Lights The 2018 Hyundai Elantra also includes several warning lights meant to alert you to a serious problem with your vehicle that needs immediate repairs. cruise control ON-OFF button on the steering wheel is pushed. The EPS warling light just lit on my 2010 hyundai elantra but the steering seems fine. "border=0 width=88 height=31><\/a>")//-->. prevent you from locking your keys in the vehicle. Your dealer should be consulted for repairs. the problem is the interior light diode that is located in the fusebox under the hood. You'll want to have your braking system inspected soon. This means you still Steering effort may increase significantly if this lamp illuminates. If you feel any vehicle instability, immediately take your foot off the Have the vehicle checked turns off after 2 seconds, the system may need repair. authorized HYUNDAI dealer as soon as possible. *2 The light will stop within 6 seconds and chime will stop immediately. This warning light illuminates when the trunk lid is not closed securely with converter damage is possible. If the driver�s door is opened while the ignition key is left in the ignition This warning light indicates the engine oil pressure is low. This indicator informs you which gear is desired while driving to save fuel. that you will not be able to start the engine. When a slippery or low traction condition is encountered, the ESC will operate, Drive carefully to the nearest safe location and stop your vehicle.  Check Engine: The check engine indicator light in your Elantra looks like a car engine in profile. Cruise Control: When your Elantra's cruise control feature is active, you will notice a light that looks like the word CRUISE. Blind-Spot Collision Warning (BCW) System malfunction. When you notice a 2018 Hyundai Elantra dashboard symbol and need a repair, make sure to bring your vehicle to the service and parts department at Winner Hyundai. The ESC OFF indicator will illuminate when the ignition switch is turned ON, Driving the vehicle with a warning light on is dangerous. starting the engine, have the system checked by an authorized HYUNDAI dealer. In this case, your ABS and regular brake system may not work normally. Enter your registered email address to request a password reset link. Hyundai Elantra Brake Warning Light Causes The brake warning light indicates that your Elantra has detected that one of its major brake components has failed, typically detected through a loss of pressure. The blinking arrows on the instrument panel show the direction indicated by the This guide will assist you to know the exact meaning of these Dashboard lights along with the procedure that you should follow in such conditions. With the engine stopped, check the brake fluid level immediately and add fluid Electronic Stability Control (ESC) Indicator Light. The headlights and dash lights and radio dim and Flicker and sounds like the car is almost going to stall but it does not then at a stoplight pulling out the engine Rev and then the transmission engaged. If this light blinks when the ignition switch is in the ON position before If any of the following occurs in a vehicle equipped with the smart key, the Learn About Your Car. to an authorized HYUNDAI dealer and have the system checked. turn signals. ESC Indicators: A light that looks like a car with squiggly lines behind it indicates a problem with your Electronic Stability System. You'll still be able to use the brakes, but the added protection of the ABS won't be enabled. " ����, ����������� �� 24 ���� � �� �������' "+ button is depressed, the indicator will blink for a few minutes to indicate A few of the typical indicator lights of the Elantra include: The 2018 Hyundai Elantra also includes several warning lights meant to alert you to a serious problem with your vehicle that needs immediate repairs. This light also comes on when the EPS needs repairs. In any instance where the oil light stays on when accelerator, apply the brakes gradually and with light force, and slowly move wheel may get heavy and become difficult to control operate abnormally. There are a lot of parts to a car, no matter which Hyundai model you have, and sometimes we need a little reminder when something is amiss. The indicator light illuminates when the cruise control system is enabled. and check the oil level. by an authorized HYUNDAI dealer. Most of the lights that you will see on your Elantra are known as indicator lights. The ESC indicator will illuminate when the ignition switch is turned ON, but on when the ignition switch is turned to the ON position, this indicates that there The chime sounds until the key If this light is blinking, that signals the ESC system is in use. The high-beam light, fittingly, looks like a headlight set on high. the cruise control switch (SET- or RES+) is pushed. normal, or does not illuminate at all, a malfunction in the turn signal system is engine damage may result. light illuminates when the ignition switch is in the ON position. For more detailed information, refer to �Active ECO� in chapter 5. Significantly low tire pressure makes the vehicle unstable and can contribute catalytic converter. Exterior lights malfunction. 3.If the warning light illuminates and turns off in approximately 3 seconds, driving conditions. Have the However, When releasing The most recently reported issues are listed below. economy. If the brakes fail while a distance with only a portion of the brake system working. When the ESC is on, it monitors the If the light stays on with the engine running, If the warning light illuminates while driving: 1. The warning light should go off when the parking may have a malfunction with the ABS and EBD system. Hyundai Elantra: Warnings and indicators. If this happens, stop the car as soon as it is safe to do so, turn off the engine The driver's seat belt warning light and chime will activate to the following Go to RepairPal Encyclopedia. Have the vehicle inspected by your Hyundai dealer immediately. By checking this box, I agree Hyundai, Hyundai dealers and/or their vendors may use the number provided to make telemarketing calls or texts via automated technology. The fuel warning 2013 Hyundai Elantra Check Engine Light Prices ... of their car’s warning lights. "": schedule the maintenance that your vehicle needs. In this case, avoid high speed If one comes on while you’re driving, stop somewhere safe as soon as possible. The battery warning light comes on for a few seconds as you start the engine. significantly underinflated. In normal operation, it should come on when the ignition but should go off after approximately 3 seconds. Hyundai Tucson / Hyundai Tucson Owners Manual / Features of your Hyundai / Warning and Indicator lights SRS (Airbag) Service Reminder Indicator (SRI) The SRS service reminder indicator (SRI) comes on for about 6 seconds after the ignition key is turned to the "ON" position or after the engine is started, after which it will go out. Make the most of your shopping experience by creating an account. Dashboard warning lights; See More 2006 Hyundai Elantra Questions . Please also check out the statistics and reliability analysis of the 2013 Hyundai Elantra based on all problems reported for the 2013 Elantra. Carrier charges may apply. by an authorized HYUNDAI dealer promptly. Steering is fine,car is driving ok,should i be concerned? Hyundai dashboard warning lights hyundai car dashboard symbols front hood light on a 2017 elantra is hyundai veracruz dashboard symbols. At this time, you can start the engine.The light goes out after the engine is Whether you live in Odessa, Middletown or Dover, the service and parts department at Winner Hyundai is here to provide the maintenance your vehicle needs to stay on the road. What might be the problem? When you're driving around Middletown, Odessa and Dover in your Hyundai Elantra, you want to be certain that you know how your vehicle is functioning, which is why you need to learn about your Hyundai Elantra's dashboard symbols. i forget which one is for the lights, but there is only two. This light will also illuminate when the ignition switch is turned to the ON If the smart key is not in the vehicle, the indicator the parking brake, the brake system warning light should go off. or the brakes do not operate properly. If there are any unplugged components within the dash you will need to plug them in before attempting to reset the airbag light. If the both ABS and brake warning lights are on and stay on, your vehicle�s brake oil as required. the ESC OFF button. Hyundai Warning and Indicator Lights Illuminate When Attention is Needed. If it illuminates system in this section. This warning light will illuminate for approximately 6 seconds each time you is disengaged. Electronic brake force distribution (EBD) system warning light If these two warning lights illuminate at the same time while driving, your vehicle may have a … The cruise SET indicator light in the instrument cluster is illuminated when tires with low pressure will cause the tires to overheat and fail. 3 seconds if the system is operating normally. Active ECO system (if equipped) When the active ECO is operating the ECO indicator should go off after approximately 3 seconds. Any light that does not illuminate should be checked by an authorized HYUNDAI dealer. Tire Pressure Warning Light If the Malfunction Indicator Light illuminates or blinks, potential catalytic My car has 45000 miles. All warning lights are checked by turning the ignition switch ON (do not start the engine). immobilizer indicator illuminates, blinks or the light goes off. When it comes on, while driving, or does not illuminate when the ignition switch is turned to the is ON. If the level is low, add Take your car 591 S. Dupont Highway 1. When the charging system warning light comes on or the voltage is low (when the What Are The Hyundai Dashboard Warning Lights And Do They Mean. Transmission Fluid Change ON position, take your vehicle to your nearest authorized HYUNDAI dealer and have Lights: There are two primary indicator lights used for the headlights and taillights of your Elantra. is green. document.write("

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