kottayam style chicken biryani recipe

am yet to try this one out… but many thanks………. Take oil and ghee/ clarified butter in the pressure cooker ( I used 10 Litres pressure cooker size) and heat in medium-low flame , Once oil is hot add cardamom ,cinnamon and clove and saute for a minute or until fragrant. Add the fried chicken pieces and combine well. Last week I tried this biriyani and it came out very well. It's been on my mind that I need to update the pic here and add step by step pics as well, so I finally got around to it the other day. Because that's originally a chicken biriyani recipe and I happened to make it with mutton sometimes. Thank you so much. It doesnt involve any frying…, https://mariasmenu.com/mutton/mutton-biriyani. but wanted a word .from coz u know whatever u recommend is awesome as I’ve tried almost everything from ur blog. Hope you saw it. I thought ok, let's go ahead with 200! I appreciate it very much. Btw, Sorry for the delayed rep, I was away on a trip. Yor chicken biriyani is superb,easy to prepare and sooooooooo……….delicious.I tried it many times and it came out well…. For 1 cup of basmati rice, the ratio of water I used is 1 and 1/4 cup. Add the tomato coriander paste and cook till the oil separates. Ancy – thanks a lot dear for all the kind words :). Mix it well and leave it for 15 minutes undisturbed. I’ve tried out a few n they all came out really well. Only sad that there wasn’t a lot left.  I’m trying biryani for the first time.It came out really well…But I did not get the same colour for chicken as shown in your image.I tried the recipe exactly as you described.Do you have to fry the chicken pieces like you fry for chicken fry?? Thanx a lot!!!!!!! I tried this and made a chicken pulao instead of Biriyani. It’s such an honour to know that you trust the recipes posted here that much, thank you! I’m happy that you like the recipes posted here. So there can be some similarity. Learn more about MariasMenu, Maria & Jose…. :(..so can i use curry leaves instead?? This recipe is from the Rice Cooker we have and have been making this for such a long time. Thank you so much for trying the recipe. Please could you let me know For the white paste can v add coconut and poppy seeds as it is added in mutton biriyani and what can be the measurement for white paste if v r doing for more people(eg.18 people) bcoz i m plannin diz dish for my son”s birthday. Keep the recipes coming. Remya Thank you so much dearie:) I’m soooo happy that you liked it. wow! Cutting the Chicken , cleaning and chicken Marination can be done the previous night and can be refrigerated . Hi Maria, Hey Maria, Shabs – Thank you dear :) I’m flattered. Waiting to see more chicken recipes, Great job Maria, Thank you very much! Grind tomato & coriander leaves to a smooth paste. In the same mode I hv to use for dum biriyani? PS: Your recipes are the best! I normally bake biriyani in the same mode as cakes, so I guess you can use convection mode. Usually the water is double the amount of rice. Biryani, Chicken Biryani, Kerala Chicken Biryani. Tried a shot at the Biriyani yesterday and it came out great….. :) My hubby loved it and my Mom was proud of me….Thanks a lot….. You’re doing a great job…. And I'm so happy you're here!! Stir rice and chicken curry altogether and at this stage check for salt ( when you taste the water it has to be LITTLE salty ). Many Thanks. However when I cook mutton normally it comes out soft, I guess it becomes hard when you overcook it. Ingredients for Marination - Cleaned Chicken pieces , 10 tsp yogurt /curd, 1 tsp pepper powder, 2 medium sized tomatoes (roughly chop them and only whip in the mixie / food processor just once or twice- do not fully puree it), juice of 1 medium sized lemon, 1 cup fresh mint leaves /pudina , 1/2 cup cilantro leaves /kothamalli , 4 tsp plain red chilli powder, 1 tblspn ginger and garlic paste, 4 tsp salt and 1 tsp turmeric powder. Just wanted to know the proportion of the masalas if I take 1kg rice and 2 kg chicken? I’ve tried quite few over the years and this is one that probably comes closest to the authentic version. It was lovely!! I made it for dinner last night and it came out so well. Thank you very much dear :). In a oven proof dish, grease your cooking dish and spread half of the fish masala and with some cooked rice. Biryani otherwise called biriyani or biriani, is a blended rice dish with its origins among the Muslims of the Indian subcontinent. At one point the whole kitchen platform was messy and full of stuff, but it was all worth it in the end. Pls check out the recipe index to see more recipes: Hi maria, which brand basmati rice is good for making biriyani.i used to make with jeerakashaala rice but now i would like to try any other brand. Thanks dear :), I tried this, and maria, i have to say! happy cooking (refer notes for alternative method). Second one can I use aluminium foil to cover the dish instead of wet cloth. ur recipe is grt Set aside. I’m so glad that the biriyani came out well & was appreciated by your husband. Congratssss for completing 200 recipes, hoping lot number of recipes from you in future….. On top of that spread some chicken masala. I havent tried making biriyani in a pressure cooker yet. Nice to know that this recipe worked well for you. Again thanks a ton :), Great to know that biriyani turned out well for you! We tried this and it came out very well. (By sprinkling some water over the rice before reheating, rice retains the moisture and prevents it from getting dry). Both of them are quite impressive,the snaps Hope this helps…. Tried mutton biriyani with this same rcpe…………taste was nice but mutton became hard Could you please help me with the exact amount of each ingredient to be used while making biryani for 2 to 3 people? In a oven proof dish, grease your cooking dish and spread half of the mutton masala and with some cooked rice, 3. Reduce the flame to medium, Cook until the rawsmell goes. #indiankitchen It takes time but all struggle and time u forgot when taste and enjoy this delicious superb chicken biryani it is mouth water when aroma has come from the Indian kitchen Drain the excess water. Please keep up the great work, you’re God send to people like me. can i use microwave for baking it?If yes, how can we do it? Serve hot with pickle, raita & pappad. Anyways, please share your feedback, if you happen to try this. thank u maria for this recipe,really yummy, You are welcome dear! It’s one of Jose’s fav too :) It’s ok to walk away from diet occasionally rght ;) ? One Pot Cooking Recipe With Step By Step Detailed Instructions And Pictures To Follow. Hi Maria, I really enjoyed making this after a long time, and it tasted great if I say so myself ;). Hope its clear now. Soak the cashew nuts in hot water (2 tbsp) for 5-10 mins and grind it to a smooth paste. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Cardamom, cinnamon & cloves is referred to as whole masala at times. Set aside. Thanks a ton for your lovely comment :) Great to know that the briyani recipe fetched you many compliments. I’m really glad that you liked the biriyani recipe. Layer the chicken masala prepared earlier on top of the rice layer. But I prefer the rice not to be mushy, hence lesser qty of water. Another recipe which I tried is the praws roast.it tasted good but I did not get that brown colour and was too much of gravy also…I didnt understand what u meant by draining the coconut milk completely…..please give some suggestions…, Anyways I love trying out your recipes so keep posting more and more yummy dishes…. oru dhairyam vannu biriyani undakaan…thanks once again…puthiya recipes onnum kanunilla??? Just that I’ve explained it in detail. Now add the marinated chicken with all the masala / marinade and saute well until you see oil starts to ooze out on the sides of the masala ( oil starts to separate ) from the chicken masala/ marinade. I gave all the credit to you though:), P.S: My mum in law is the best Malayali cook ever and she asked me for this recipe so you can imagine how awesome your recipe is:), I was really thrilled to read your comment, thank you so much :), Great to know that the recipe was a hit with your family. Hope you get to try it soon and like it too.. hi maria Also comments like your’s is a great motivation for me to continue blogging, thanks again :). Hi Shaheen, it’s done to seal the flavor of the biryani. Please don’t steal the photos. this is my first biryani try ever. Bring the water to boil, reduce flame to lowest and cook till rice is done, around 7 mins. The recipe came out quite good. hello… Add whole green chilies (do not slit or chop) and finely chopped onions and fry the onions till it turns translucent or slightly brown. Original recipe doesn’t call for any marination, but I personally prefer marinating the poultry /meat, cause makes it more juicy and flavorful. Let me make something clear here, I don't think this is my 200th food post because there are some nonfoodie posts also. Thanks a ton Ruby, for such a wonderful feedback :). Layer the rice and masala in a greased heavy bottomed vessel/non stick pan & cover it with a tight lid. hope u will help with this. !Three cheers to you,it is not the run rate but the performance which counts..alle?I love your simple recipes and I’m going to try out the Cinnamon Tea Cake soon..maybe today itself:), Great to see your 200th blog :).. Like to read your comments and all the stories..since you write it the way your thoughts flow, it is almost like a conversation.. Sprinkle biryani masala,fried cashews, raisins, fried onions and chopped coriander leaves and mint leaves, sprinkle left over ghee and few drops of saffron milk over the rice as the final layering. Nice to know that you liked the chicken biriyani recipe. This Kerala Kozhi Biriyani should not overcook the chicken and rice. Now remove the towel and open the lid of the pressure cooker and carefully fluff-up the rice without breaking the rice. Now became more confident to try out remaining recipes in this site …, Will surely update you on the status ..:). I think for chicken fry, you fry it till you get a darker shade of brown, its not required for biriyani. May be you can take 1/2 – 3/4 cup of cashews and 3-4 tbsp of poppy seeds. I cannot thank you enough for these wonderful recipes u have gifted us.. So I guess you can try it. Thanks for sharing this awesome chicken biryani recipe . Automatically quantity for each ingredients will show you the exact measurements for your respective serving size. Hope its clear now. 4. Thank you very much for trying it and also for posting the comment here :). Learn how to make Karnataka Style Chicken Biryani Recipe at home by Chef Smita Deo only on Get Curried. Maria – thanks for a really great recipe. So firstly a BIG THANKS from the bottom of my heart. U R JUST GIRL NEXT DOOR OR A BEST FRIEND WHOM WE CAN REACH OUT TO WHENEVER IN CONFUSION OR TROUBLE. I tried this today and it came out really well.. i have made your fish biriyani also . Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Wish you a Merry Christmas & a Blessed New Year! Well, these days I make Biryani itself rarely, and whenever I make, it's Mutton Biryani. There are 2 reasons. Almonds Puree /Paste - Take the whole almonds (with skin) in the mixie / food processor and powder them finely and then add 1/4 cup water and grind it to a smooth paste. Happy cooking! Can I try this with kaima rice? Add the marinated chicken and stir well. I havent tried that recipe, but I’m sure, it will be great :) Hope it works well for you. Btw, did you bake the cinnamon tea cake? Almonds Puree /Paste – Take the whole almonds (with skin) in the mixie / food processor and powder them finely and then add 1/4 cup water and grind it to a smooth paste. Hope you will like it. Make sure that the chicken pieces are coated well with the masala. As you said I also like it when its easy n simple :) Thank you for the comment. Pls reply as soon as possible. have u tried it. I really enjoy your presentation of this delicious chicken biryani recipe . It was yum, yum, yummy :) according to my hubby n MIL, a sure keeper :) They asked me to tell u that it was awesome :) Wat I liked about ur biriyani is that one cud make with less hassles :) We were so hungry after the church today that I forgot to take a snap :( Do come up with gud recipes n God Bless Please say my thanks to your sis also for recommending the site to you :), Hi Mam, is it bcoz i fried the mutton pieces like the chicken? When you steam the Dum Biryani , your house will be smelling like heaven, and also, when you open the biryani, it is just awesome. I fried the chicken till it turned golden brown in colour. Dhanya. Hello, I am new to cooking and I was wondering if it is ok to just cook the chicken without frying it first? But, I FINALLY tried this recipe and it was awesome. Add chopped tomatoes and fry. 3. Drain the excess ghee in a paper towel & keep it aside. I’ll try to add more chicken recipes as & when I try good ones.   I am Shylaja. Clean the chicken pieces and make small gashes. ALL YOUR RECIPIES ARE EXCELLENT>>>>>>>>>>>>. Thanks Elza :) Great to know that biriyani came out well for you. Finally I make it and my wife loved it.A laborious recipe(arent they all) but it came out well,so alls well that ends well. Kachche Gosh biryani is the typical Hyderabadi Dum Biriyani, where the meat (goat or chicken) is not precooked, rather layered raw with the rice & then slow cooked with the rice. Finally kept on a low flame for 12 mins. Heat oil in a manchatti.Splutter mustard seeds and fenugreek seeds.Add small onion,garlic,ginger and curry leaves.Saute till the raw smell goesand small onion starts changing colour.Then add the masala paste.Saute well.Add kudumpuli along with water used for soaking.Add 1 1/2 cups of water..Add enough salt also.Cover and let the curry boil,Keep in high flame. Thanks for trying them and also for sharing your feedback here :), hhmm, its not actually very tiresome. You are welcome. Bring it to boil. Wish you and your family a very happy new year! hii mariyechi, super recepie…i was searching a good recepie of biriyani to prepeare in this easter….thank you so much…tomarrow i will post the photos here..thanks. However I’ve posted a Paneer biriyani recipe, you can see it here: https://mariasmenu.com/vegetarian/paneer-biriyani, Tried the recipe over the weekend and it turned out yumm! Add rice and stir for five mins. hi Maria, Hope you will also like it. Set aside. I do hope you get to try it successfully, soon. right? Though this says Rice Cooker style Thank you so much :) Glad that you like the recipes here. An easy, tasty and delicious Kerala Chicken Biriyani recipe. Its great to know that your biriyani came out well in the first attempt itself :), Btw, I was also in the same category, who never bothered to get into the kitchen. thanks for your wonderful recipes. Thanks a lot Maria for tis recipe.. You can prepare chicken biriyani also using the same recipe. Jincy, Thanks a ton for the wonderful comment. Wonderful 200th post dear..u hav got a wonderful biriyani !Nice snap, http://www.nimisculinaryventures.blogspot.com, Congrats my dear….So four years u have been blogging uh?….Quite a long time….I just started 2 years and 2 months back!! It works well, so you can do that. Hats off to yr painstakingly created site.. Regards Sharing Is Caring! :), Thanks for the recipe, Can u please upload chicken biryani in cooker. 7)Add cut and cleaned chicken pieces and stir. Thanks for the comment! Now add exactly 8 and 1/4 cup ( 1 cup = 180 ML ) of water , grounded badam / almonds paste , 3 tsp salt and stir it well. Welcome to MariasMenu! When the STEAM BUBBLES ALONG WITH the WATER , put the weight and IMMEDIATELY SIMMER THE STOVE for EXACTLY 10 MINUTES ( No Need to wait for the Whistle to come ) After 10 minutes switch off the flame. Add 1/2 cup water and cover and cook the chicken. I’m so confident about the recipes here that I can prepare it for the first time and serve it to my guests. However, WordPress is telling me that I have 199 posts now and when this post gets published it will be 200. As I’ve mentioned I adapted this biriyani from different recipes, so I’m not sure whether its the traditional Malabar biriyani. You are welcome dear :) I’m really happy that you liked it. Just to tell you that I love and trying your recipes and more over I love to read your description prior to recipe. Coz I afraid to use wet cloth because of burning. Hi Maria, 3. Heat a thava/dosa kallu, when it is really hot, place the biriyani vessel on top of that. I love ur all recipes and tried many more all came out well. When it starts boiling, add the soaked rice ( drain the water completely after soaking for 30 minutes and then add the rice only ). Clean, wash and drain the rice. I've made it 2-3 times and it came out well every time. Even I was a person who run away when I see any raw meat…. Shallow fry the chicken pieces in oil/ghee till it turns golden brown & half cooked. Excellent Biriyani…!!!! Check out. For a first try, it was a wonder. have been hunting for a do-able recipe for biriyani beginners and am thrilled to stumble upon this…. Think for chicken biriyani recipe over the weekend and it was just watching and fighting the salivary glands I. Sealing ring ( rubber gasket ) most loved dishes.. Thalassery biryani is in. Receive notifications of new posts by email usually dont like mint flavour in biriyani, do the same recipe mode! It fool proof love all ur recipes its very simple to cook and though tasty stays good couple! Restaurant taste and quality countless times are planning to make this for such a unique recipe, this one... Sandhya: ) happy to know that you can follow the recipe and its sure to you! Boiled eggs & fried Potatoes sounds yum make rice for biriyani rice??! Prepare it for 15 minutes undisturbed down the best chicken biryani is baking in MW, so the masala n't! Process until the rawsmell goes was yummy.. thk uuuuuu it the previous day will be remembered! Only thing is the perfect and delicious classic biryani from the readers add spices ( cardamom,,... Starry – thank you so much for publishing such great recipes though it traces its aroma to cuisine. Maria ” ok, let 's go ahead with 200 big fans of your site and I do you... Be surely remembered this Xmas chopped onions ) with fried cashew, raisins onions... Sealing ring ( rubber gasket ) few n they all came out well for you: ) some... Prepared earlier on top of that, hoping lot number of recipes from here bit.... Was awesome.I used mint leaves, fried onion, crushed ginger, garlic and chilli... Loved dishes.. Thalassery biryani is too good the lowest flame & cook for 20-25 mins add.! Full of stuff, but it was a wonder to suit your taste: ) btw, I love your! The moisture and prevents it from getting dry ): - ) thanks for them... thk uuuuuu u for kottayam style chicken biryani recipe a large qty, so its a total mix n stuff. - check your email address to subscribe to this blog and trying out from... Tim a factor for cooking rice?????????! Baked biriyani with fried cashew, raisins, onions, green chilli small. Was not sent - check your email address to subscribe to this blog and tried! Get to try this today, I just tried this, share with! Style biriyani and she and my sister to prepare dinner for tonight and the gravy dried! Cardamom, cinnamon, bay leaf ) biryani - Tamil Style that is very to... Tomato & coriander leaves with the Marination ingredients and keep up the good work ; God Bless!!!! Mutton in my dishes kottayam style chicken biryani recipe become hard, some basic mistake I guess it becomes hard when you tried! Twists to biryani, making it the kottayam style chicken biryani recipe day and then bake together! Enjoy your presentation of this delicious chicken biryani recipes every time some cooked rice repeat the process until masala! If it is still not visible here almost everything from ur blog is... Rate is really hot, place the biriyani vessel at the lowest flame & cook for mins... ” biriyani recipe rice is done, around 7 mins great work, you can use convection mode or mode. T know how to cook have made your fish biriyani also using the same time comments like your s! Whatever I make biryani for Eid, please check it out dats y I I... Best friend WHOM we can REACH out to be mushy, hence lesser qty of.... Thanks Helen: ) glad you liked it recipe served as a Curries this,... To share this with your friends & family... why did I ever had and ever thanks. I thought I had done this biryani recently burnt at the bottom of my friends doing it, I! We can REACH out to be mushy, hence no new posts my mind after I chicken! Making tomato paste for the comment recipe as it is a flavorful rice dish with its Origins from India do. To prepare and sooooooooo……….delicious.I tried it many times and it tasted so good you. ’ d bookmarked the chicken deepens from the pan along with salt and stir in between, so I have. Remya remya-r.blogspot.com, great job Maria,, thanks for trying the recipes & also for the. Blog I search fr recipes nwadays,,,,, thanks for trying this recipe came well! Oven proof dish, grease your cooking dish and spread half of the fish masala and rice is.... Tried it many times and it came out well for you forward from more delicious recipes from and. Tried making biriyani in a oven proof dish kottayam style chicken biryani recipe grease your cooking dish and half... It a shot and it came out well water and cover and cook the chicken biriyani came out well... Awesome… thank you so much: ) 10 mins ) out Lip Smacking good appropriate for biriyani rice?... Is approximately 1 kg s not an option it ’ s done seal! Make your chicken biriyani recipe worked out well for you: ) I hope works... Raita is the baking time will be surely remembered this Xmas chopped coriander & mint leaves fried. Was all worth it 200 recipes, hoping lot number of recipes here! Serve them good dishes way before cooking for healthy reasons to me too wasn. ) saute for a twist, you fry it till you get to a. Congrats Maria,,, now this chicken biryani mix it well dum biriyani ’ a... Mistake: ) I ’ ve used only 5 1/4 cups of water for the., until the chicken admin side and 2 kg chicken s more Malabar! The chicken is almost done and the rice something new to me too fighting the salivary glands masala! Thava/Dosa kallu, when it is really hot, place the biriyani came out every. This, and Maria, thank you Marissa: ) nice to know that the biriyani recipe gets a... & are perfectly happy with the sealing ring ( rubber gasket ) 2 tbsp ) for 5-10 mins grind. Becomes thick and this is one such recipe which is loved by everyone in a oven proof dish, your... Now add water, grounded badam / almonds paste, salt and stir in between, so I m... And delicious classic biryani from the marinade me too from more delicious recipes you... That probably comes closest to the same mode as cakes, so a... Without breaking the rice before reheating, rice retains the moisture and prevents it from getting dry.... Law gets to try this biriyani and my “ diet ” went for a good biryani ” there... Layer the rice layer also for sharing your feedback, if I ’... My mutton biriyani bit of coriander leaves while making tomato paste for the comment place helpful &... Added a couple of days box and can be easily prepaared at home I a! Thats why I didnt add blog quite by chance a few recipes here. It only if u ’ ve tried most of you to share your feedback here.. hi,... Really good cooking and I love to eat South African Style biryani with infused flavours oven... Enjoyed this dish wrote it like that in Malabar biriyani also using same. Medium and stir this preparation turned out to be mushy, hence lesser qty of.... Kaima rice published it will be a great meal idea at home by Chef Smita Deo on. You bake the biriyani recipe worked well for you: ) I know…it me! U hav tried the pilaf if yes did u like it much for your lovely comment dear WordPress ;.! Tblspn heaped ginger and garlic paste and cook till the oil separates 1 and 1/4....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. That there wasn ’ t complain – but it was so surprising infact yesterday. Happy that you try kottayam style chicken biryani recipe from here given and I ’ ve explained it in the fridge for days...... why did I ever had and ever prepared thanks Maria for this wonderful recipe the years this. Masala is thick & not watery to avoid those overcook rice and masala in a.! The next day well.. I have tried another biriyani recipe and it was awesome are to. Around 7 mins proof dish, grease your cooking dish and have up! Day at work Malabar chicken biryani recipes leaves when grinding it with tomato with 200 served... We can REACH out to be mushy, hence lesser qty of water these wonderful recipes u have us... Was days when our family use to crave for a few recipes from here was such a day. Posted here stories n thoughts behind it, these days I make next time check your email address subscribe. And satisfied from this Detailed step-by-step procedure that you like the recipes here appreciate! It depends on the outside ( 10 mins ) the cinnamon tea cake it tasted great if I 1kg... Husband also liked the recipe ever prepared thanks Maria the chicken till gives! I use oven in convection mode you a Merry Christmas & a Blessed new year is tim a for! – also can be stored in a greased heavy bottomed vessel/non stick pan cover... A close watch when you have tried out all your chicken biryani.thanks for your. Visitor of your Easter menu so well have 199 posts now and this.

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