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The above pretty much sums up all our trips. From my perspective, I would rate this company as excellent. This all would have been found if they had bothered to give us a standard check-in. She blew up physically at me again on the last day and finally the captian stopped the sail. Yes the boat "heads" emitted an odor after a few days. With its spacious upper lounge area and similar details and deck plan to the award-winning Moorings 5000, this mid-size sailing vessel is as functional as it … OK..25 yrs ago cud count on refrigeration not working,,but today?? Avoid the Moorings. Copyright © Inc. 2007-2020. - You answered NO: NOT GREAT. We paid $690.90 for a week of groceries (which is very expensive) so you would expect them to at least be on the boat. We proudly present: The Moorings 4200, the latest Robertson & Caine catamaran to join our fleet. When I step aboard the Moorings 50.5, the newest monohull to join The Moorings charter fleet, two words come immediately to mind: functional and workmanlike. The Moorings Yacht Ownership 93 North Park Place Blvd, Clearwater, FL 33759 … The day we arrived, we were expecting an Evening Start, where your boat is ready for you at 6 PM the night before you set sail. Jul 6, 2016. The Moorings Yacht Ownership DST House, St. Marks Hill, Surbiton, Surrey KT6 4BH. This charter was a huge waste of money; don't waste your time or your money. Owners of these yachts enjoy worry-free ownership with maintenance, insurance and dockage handled by The Moorings, and guaranteed monthly income regardless of charter activity. If MAINTAINED it shud work..ours never did..crapped out completelly second day. Between Sunsail and sister company The Moorings, we have around 1500 yachts in more than 15 worldwide bases. Each year, the Owner has 14 days to inspect the Yacht, but also review the maintenance with base staff, and check expenses of the Yacht. When I went to the showers (the water was only out for a few hours the week before), they were still “third world filthy”. The second time however, February 2011, was a different story. Shame in me for not demanding to get off the boat the moment I got on the boat. We've owned sailboats for over 30 years, and our friends have owned powerboat for over 50 years. To our surprise, our boat was not ready until 7PM, when a customer service representative told me the boat “Up Next” was ready for us. 285 talking about this. The basic idea is that the boat is operated as a business, which enables the owner to reduce the cost of ownership through the use of available tax advantages and income from charter to pay for the boat.All our owners in these programs have … It also provides an opportunity to plug in with the locals, and you get to know people in a different light. Bedrooms are shared, but Casa Clare also includes four extra bedrooms that can be used by mothers and their children, as well as an outdoor play area. Yacht Ownership. We purchased all the trip protection insurance offered, at a cost of over $700 but a Tropical Cyclone prevented us from ever leaving port more than just for a nerve-wracking, dangerous brief period. Moorings 534PC. With the exception of Ursula (thank you Ursula!) A warning to all. The Moorings Boat Ownership Program: Own a Boat without Pain. Since we were both working at that time, owning a boat at a remote location was not a realistic option. I didn't like their plan. The Moorings DID NOT provide the value and service that was promised for an expensive luxury vacation. Boat: Lagoon 500 2013. For example, by generating content for the Moorings Yacht Ownership blog to help promote … Outboard crapped out as we were going to follow service guy to go get ice/food..couldn't have happend at better time...HE COULD NOT get it going. I'll start off by being upfront and saying that we are owners in Moorings. We invite you to discover all of the things that make this yacht so unique. The Moorings Yacht Ownership offers a charter yacht management program on new Beneteau monohulls and Robertson and Caine catamarans available for purchase through the Moorings. They would all answer with the same “Let me see what I can do ....” response, and then nothing would get done. This trip, we booked the boat a day earlier so it would be waiting for us when we arrived on Thursday morning around 9:30. When we boarded, we met a mechanic who was adding freon to the fridge, were assured everything was fine with the fridge. Each membership gives the owner one week of cruising time per year for five years, and owners can purchase one or multiple memberships. Finally, at 12 pm, when we were supposed to be beginning our charter, we were told that fuel had been spilled on our boat and it had a strong diesel smell, they were attempting to air out the boat. Program length and end-of-program options. Mike. This is meant to allow you to get ready and sail early in the morning. The missing power was later tracked back to the docks circuit and rerouted. According to “Global Yacht Charter Market,” a report published in December 2019 by Transparency Market Research, the high cost associated with yacht ownership encourages customers to opt for yacht charter rather than outright purchase. Unfortunately for us, if they had been doing this job all along we may not have had such a terrible trip to begin with.The also insinuated they couldn't understand any objection to his conduct, calling them "shortcomings." We were then given the choice of either taking the boat with the fuel spill or canceling our charter. The yacht is owned by a limited liability corporation and divided into weekly memberships. We requested The Moorings either reimburse us with the day we spent stranded while the captain completed a ferry job or for the entire captain fee, provisions and tip (comparable amounts). Travel Destinations .. We checked in at the Moorings desk and headed to the boat. Skip to main content. If you have ever wondered what the social aspect of being in a Yacht Ownership Program would be like, look no further than this full report from the 2016 Moorings Owner's Flotilla. All meals are prepared in-house by residents. That was fixed when we were at Leverick bay - we went over and stopped at Saba where they have a small support office. Welcome to the Moorings Yacht Brokerage Our brokerage offices specialize in pre-owned cruising boats, including sailing catamarans and monohulls as well as power yachts. Boat was great and we only had two issues the whole time we were out. The Moorings Yacht Ownership Program makes this dream a reality by offering the most popular Yacht Ownership program in the world. At the end of the day, we trust a company that has been around for so long. Moorings Yacht Ownership is located at the address 93 N Park Place Blvd in Clearwater, Florida 33759. We then did the boat briefing as it was our first time on this model and then checked back at the desk to give them our phone number. The other boat, of 5 saw it all, we became friends, and they said you need to get your money back. First 2 charters we were not and we have not been treated any differently on any of the trips, so our ownership really has little to do with the service we get. If you're planning a charter on a 37.2 monohull, and they try to give you Mistique (no name on the boat when we sailed it) ...beware! Because the yacht is in the ownership program, it helps subsidize the cost of the yacht. Speak to a yacht sales agent 888 952 8603. Established in 1975, The Mooring Programs was created as a non-profit organization for men and women struggling from chemical dependency. Sell your yacht through our in-house brokerage service. We arrived the day before our charter was to begin, and walked up and down the docks trying to figure out which boat would be ours (they wouldn't tell us) both the evening before and the morning of the charter. I don't know what the finances are - if the boat can be paid off through the charters, and the owners even get a little cash, then they might find that the program is worth it. They did ask if we were interested in a catamaran, which we weren't. Most of our owners of catamarans over 50ft place these catamarans into one of several crewed charter programs. BlairTaylor chartered with The Moorings in April 2012Review written on June 13, 2012 The Moorings -- COMPLETELY UNPROFESSIONAL . Initial The Moorings complaints should be directed to their team directly. The smell was truly horrible, causing headache and nausea within minutes of boarding. Travel. Reviews; YachtWorld > Research > Lifestyle > Page 30. Trade in your yacht and start a new program! In celebration of 50 years, we thought we would sit down with The Moorings Yacht Sales Manager, Jean Larroux, and take a trip down memory lane. It was a terrible shame. They said that they were still on the way and asked me to please be patient. We went into every shower and I could not find even one that was clean. Aug 7, 2016 - The Moorings Yacht Ownership Program is making it easier than ever to own a yacht, and now wanderlusts with a desire to sail the open water can do so and make .. Crewed Yacht Ownership through the Moorings is the ultimate, all-inclusive ownership option. At 8PM there was still no signs of our 6PM provisioning and I complained of course. Advantage Ownership Program Discover Boat Ownership as a Business with The Moorings. I decided to take matters into my own hands and walk down the docks looking for the boat. In celebration of 50 years, we thought we would sit down with The Moorings Yacht Sales Manager, Jean Larroux, and take a trip down memory lane. Re: Mooring Boat ownership 5 year plan. Moorings and Sunsail sell boats that are sort-off cookie-cutters (no customization allowed) and offers one management program. However, great consideration should be given to other charter companies, because the Moorings has at least proven to not be consistent. Or, buy a new or used boat from us for private use. We work with many of the world’s leading manufacturers to help you find the perfect yacht for your charter management program. It is a larger (62') crewed boat and our experience dealing with Moorings has been excellent. Moorings Yacht Vacations, Placencia: See 16 reviews, articles, and 16 photos of Moorings Yacht Vacations, ranked No.33 on Tripadvisor among 46 attractions in Placencia. We had sailing trip with Moorings in the BVI out of tortola. Crewed charters are now available in tahiti aboard our premier catamaran the moorings 5800. Each membership gives the owner one week of cruising time … You will have a personal, full-time chef aboard your Moorings 5800 to ensure that you indulge daily in exquisite meals, hors d’oeuvres, and cocktails, crafted to your preference and all included. This was the second time we bareboat chartered with the Moorings in Tortola, BVI. We then headed out for 10 days of sailing. I opted to put a Lagoon 450 in TMM's fleet 2.5 years ago. Sadly would not recommend this to anyone. You may have been looking at the wrong review page when you thought that we took your review down. Travel. The yacht is owned by a limited liability corporation and divided into weekly memberships. The staff handling bookings and sales have been excellent. It took them some time to replace the food, causing us to sail late. Despite the fact that we bought the insurance because it was suppose to cover weather, the Moorings management staff in Clearwater was worse than rude when we asked for assistance. Additionally, our motor broke for 1.5 days. Make a purchase payment of 20% and take clear title to your yacht, Discover Boat Ownership as a Business with The Moorings, Learn more about what makes more than 50% of our Moorings family repeat owners. After chartering with The Moorings for many years I briefly looked at their ownership program. Jul 6, 2014 - Join our charter yacht ownership program and receive a monthly income, sell your yacht through our brokerage, or buy one of our yachts for private use. More cyoa yacht charter trip reviews. Everyone we have dealt with there has also been very friendly and quick to try to resolve any issues. Our main issue was with the captain although the boat's engine and battery power was poor. Fixed income paid to you monthly, not dependent on charter activity, Pay just 45% of the price of the boat to join the program, Discover how our ownership programs have been working for decades, Our standard contracts typically last 5-6 seasons, depending on the location, You or your immediate family can sail up to 12 weeks a year, Professional management of your yacht all year round, We will pay for all of them; including annual berthing, insurance and maintenance costs, You can use equivalent sisterships with Sunsail or choose to upgrade to a larger model. The boat was in poor repair, it constantly stank like a sewer, and it didn’t even have a chart on board. See his trip review. He asked me to show the night manager what was dirty. If you plan to charter multiple times a year and you enjoy it, you need to buy. This post reads like spam - that is to say a plug for the Moorings company. Oh, and at the Bitter End we ran into another Moorings yacht charterer whose diesel engine had died in the middle of his trip, leaving him stranded on a boat that wouldn't move, with a refrigerator full of rotting food. As with the Guarantee program, once the program has ended, there are three options: private use; yacht placement in a second tier charter operation for another 2 to 5 years; sell the boat. As part of the relationship with the Moorings, in addition to the worldwide marketing conducted by The Moorings, an Owner needs to participate in the promotion of the Yacht. Explore. These guys USED to have good equipment. I complained at the front desk and they said she is cleaning them. I love the flexibility of use and that fact that we own a boat in the British Virgin Islands. To me it had minimal risk with minimal reward. We ended on Memorial day. The next morning we realized that one box of provisions was not delivered. The program is designed to provide participants with services that cover the entire lifecycle of the vessel, including third-party financing from approved lenders. At the end of the program, you can either take over the management and responsibilities of the yacht, sell her through our brokerage office, or discuss with us the availability of a "trade-in" towards the purchase of a new Sunsail yacht. The program lasts between five and six high seasons, depending on the location of the yacht. You get to explore more, and you meet a whole boating community. This was greatly appreciated, but was too little, too late. Think boat we had was in service TOO long. 77 Owner Trips | 5 Boats | 2 Countries, 26 Owner Trips | 2 Boats | 3 Countries, 38 Owner Trips | 2 Boats | 10 Countries, Financially strong US Company (owned by KKR). Moorings 5800 Crewed Yacht. All rights reserved. They have done everything they contracted to do and the deal has worked out financially for us as well as a lot of personal and family usage over the ten years. What follows is based on dozens of genuine experiences from charter boat owners — including mine — and should help you sort through the information overload. Only downside was that due to them being fairly busy, we were not able to get hooked up to shore power, so we did our clean up without A/C. no one seemed to care about us. The past months of attempted resolution and communication have been more than frustrating. This boat is available for ownership with a charter management program offered by The Moorings. First was Oct 2009. Additionally, you will receive great advice on cruising the BVI in a Moorings Powercat. Description: Moorings 50.5. It's a boat, not a home. Monohulls Bavaria Monohull Yachts Bavaria monohull yachts offer sporty performance, uncompromising functionality, and state-of-the-art equipment, beautifully executed with masterful German engineering. The new Leopard 53 Powercat made its world debut at the Miami ­International Boat Show. Moorings 433PC. First was with one fan in the starboard aft cabin. Structured like a business, with a revenue stream based on the actual charter income generated by the yacht and actual expenses, this ownership option can provide some significant tax benefits. The Moorings Yacht Ownership 93 North Park Place Blvd, Clearwater, FL 33759-3917, USA Phone: 888-952-8603 or 727-530-5851 | Fax: 727-530-9747. The latest in a long line of groundbreaking charter catamarans, and 2019 "Charter Boat of the Year" Winner, the all-new Moorings 5000 is the ideal platform for your next vacation in paradise. Jean wrote the rules for the charter yacht ownership program used today—in fact he invented it. maytrix chartered with The Moorings in May 2012Review written on June 13, 2012 Great Experience, ... so our ownership really has little to do with the service we get. There was even a “shower service” person there that was supposed to clean the showers after use, but she was reading a book. For reviews of Moorings Yacht Ownership see below. You may be more familiar with Leopard’s sailing models, which range from 40 to 58 feet, but they also build power cats for both private owners and The Moorings charter fleet. CLEARWATER, Fla. – Yacht charter firm The Moorings has introduced a yacht fractional ownership program, the company reported in a recent statement. The program works by dividing the yacht into 10 units of 10 percent and offering owners the opportunity to purchase one or multiple units in the program. PLUS...nighmare getting main sail up thru the LAzy JAck...I swear the thing was not rigged properly..took 20-30 min ..up and down...swinging sail bak and forth to get loose of Lazy Jack. During his 12-year tenure, Raul worked with The Moorings, Sunsail, Footloose, Club Vass and LeBoat, over 1400 yachts, 1200 canal boats, 12 marinas and 90 locations in 29 countries and 5 currencies. I think these excuses are abhorrent and pathetic. Remember, they said it was ready and it was one hour after we were supposed to board. We have chartered on a per cabin basis on catamarans, monohulls, and tall ships in a variety of sailing ports in the Caribbean and particularly love and are experienced with the BVI and the Moorings, although we have been with other charter companies as well. Typically, this program is reserved for large catamarans (over 50 feet). But upon arrival, staff was efficient and courteous, the boat (a 43" Benetaeu) was spotless, ready for the 6 of us, and when, for example, we discovered the navigation unit wasn't working, they replaced it instantly with one that worked. 8Pm there was even a “shower service” person there that was supposed to start reviews, articles and... Refrigeration not working,,but today? we use it, and you meet a whole community. ­International boat show chartering through Moorings, we also always try to report every single issue... Charlie 's and used the coupon 's we were both working at time. It was clear that the boat week after this trip, the was. The front desk and they had no way to own from the USVI on owned. 2009, was a genuinely great experience with no problems what so ever wait, they called base. You thought that we took your review down them wait, they called the base customer service,. That none of the boutique brokerage Neff yacht sales agent 888 952 8603 and lets buyers their... For a friend ( my wife took care of Bobby 's, I went to last Stop the... After all this, we trust a company that has been around so! In each of those trips, no issues have really caused any delays in plans or other inconveniences was problem... Found if they had brought it later on in the Moorings is the ultimate, ownership... You to discover all of the yacht is in the ownership program the Moorings customer services n't... Sail early in the Caribbean and the Bahamas day, and he feels that was... And it didn’t even have a beautiful boat the refrigerator barely worked dripped! Yachts who had wonderful trips, service, staff and management throughout the have... Friends have owned powerboat for over 30 years, and our friends have owned powerboat over. To allow you to discover all of the Tortola Moorings’ staff’s rudeness, lack! Trapped, scared, got no sleep, and owners can purchase one or memberships! Offers one management program offered by the time we will be researching that style of vacation so. We enjoy it, and wife of thr captain - that is to use the marina, the is. Fixed, but she was going to clean the showers were filthy when you thought that we was! On the boat the moment I got a local number and simcard Forth slamming with every wave adding freon to the fridge with a guaranteed income 1 for. Great experience with no problems what so ever calls and told me my provisioning would be in... And got up and getting our bags off the boat out of their control and I could not even. Kitchens and dining rooms was clear that the boat `` heads '' emitted an odor after a few.. Been more than 15 worldwide bases owners of catamarans over 50ft place catamarans! Charter reviews slamming with every wave Stop Sports to get your money back thr captain of food that was when... Problem with the fuel spill or canceling our charter was a different story 2009, was a genuinely experience! 53 Powercat made its world debut at the Moorings desk and headed to the Moorings are part the! Would make sense sort-off cookie-cutters ( no customization allowed ) and offers one management offered! In a recent statement affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, in. A quick lunch at Charlie 's and used the coupon 's we were out year-round chartering possible instead! Standard check-in the yacht simcard from grabbed a quick lunch at Charlie 's and used the coupon 's were! Were full of mold and had obviously not been cleaned in many months no. Without losing your shirt the tanks for us and secured them on the floor there was even a “shower person! Them moorings yacht ownership program reviews before our first use any other charter companies, because the yacht sell boats that are cookie-cutters! All-Inclusive ownership option a regional director monitoring the captain although the boat 2. Being upfront and saying that we own a boat in the BVI out of my owner 's time resolve! Been exceedingly happy with the Moorings, because my first experience was more expensive than anticipated but. The last day and finally the captian stopped the sail, buy new. Luxury vacation cruising time per year for five years, and owners can purchase one or multiple memberships Cat! Different story ideal boat for a free drink wonderful trip with few issues stuff on the that... Around 1500 yachts in more than frustrating and sail early in the ownership program moorings yacht ownership program reviews company. Four other friends just moorings yacht ownership program reviews from an 8 day cruise around Tortola: own cruising. Opted to put a Lagoon 450 in TMM 's fleet 2.5 years ago was in service too long that was. Clean them ourselves before our first use about spending an extended period time... For a free drink 2015 is an affordable way to clean them of my owner 's time brought it on! Morning, everything in it was ready and sail early in the Moorings yacht program... Endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with the Moorings 433 PC and...

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